"IMI Instromont engineering d.o.o." is proprietary company since foundation 1992. Company’s foreground task is to fully comply with our client's expectations. That includes quality equipment and
material delivering, and provision of full and quality services, as well as observing of valid national and international regulations. "IMI Instromont engineering d.o.o." offer trained and professionally
qualified staff to advise and assist you in all of the areas mentioned bellow. Accordingly, our personnel is permanently educated to proceed new regulations to be able to provide most quality and
most safe product for saving lives, objects and environments. Our only expectations are to obtain good references for future cooperation. "IMI Instromont engineering d.o.o." is currently in the process of
implementation ISO 9001 standard in the Company quality controls.

The industry sectors are:ectro- energetic installations

  • Electro- instrumentation installations
  • Pneumatic instrumentation installations
  • Communication installations                       
  • Mechanical products manufacturing

01.03.05. 001

Main company's activities are:

  • Installations setup
  • Mechanical production
  • Testing and start up activities
  • Maintenance activities


We are able to take up and to accomplish any kind of job in the domain of automation and regulation, including designing, equipment delivering, installing and start up and testing. For that purpose we
dispose complete assortment of instrumentation tools as well as calibration, measuring and testing equipment.
Our high quality system is ensured by well experienced team of our engineers, technicians and fitters whose duties include: Obligation to take safety measures for lives, equipment, objects and environments safety

  • Inevitable implementation  of valid regulations, concerning to fittings and maintenance of electrical equipment and installations
  • Indispensable check (testing) of installed equipment and installations according to valid standard IEC 60364-6, and  HRN EN 60204-1
  • Obligation to use only calibrated measuring and testing equipment
  • Obligation to fit out materials and equipment  compatible to European and Croatian standards
  • Permanent personnel education  in accordance with the appropriate professional requirements
  • Favorable bidding of complete assortment of equipment, material and works with a customer's view including aims mentioned above.