Our production assortments are made from most quality materials. Equipment, materials and outfitting correspond to Croatian national and international IEC standards. According to the customer-s
requirements we produce wideband assortments listed below:

  • Different types of panels for the power distribution, instrumentation and communication purpose:
    • LV distribution switchboards
    • Marine distribution switchboards for oil and gas industry (Marine approval components)
    • Measuring and instrumentation (Measuring, control & regulation) panels
    • Alarm and signal panels
    • Control panels and tables
    • Communication junction boxes
    • Computer net’s boxes
    • Temporary civil engineering distribution systems
    • Main switchboards
    • Energy measurement consumption switchboards
    • Antenna Switch Boxes
    • Pneumatic & hydraulic panels
  • Sauna sets (flat rate and  telescope types)
  • Water treatment panels
  • Remote control entrance gate control panels 
  • Solar energy supply panels
  • CO2 gas lift control panels
  • Ex proof components (in accordance with national Ex-agency approval)

Our products are properly tested and verified in accordance with IEC standards. Embedded components are properly certificated and confirmed by certificate of conformity or other relevant certificate.